‘Fallout 4 VR’ Will Be “the whole game,” Launching June 2017 or Sooner

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    Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 4 VR for the HTC Vive will be the entire game and not just a demo or vertical slice. Further, the company says the Fallout 4 VR release date will come within 12 months.

    While yesterday’s surprise announcement that Fallout 4 and Doom would be playable in VR on the HTC Vive was exciting, details were incredibly thin. We’re now starting to get additional color on what to expect from the company’s VR plans.


    Following the company’s press conference, Bethesda Executive Producer Todd Howard revealed the Fallout 4 VR would contain the entire game, not just a segmented experience intended for VR.

    “Our view is… let’s not make a short [VR] version of Fallout 4… the promise is the whole game. And that’s what we’re going to be doing,” Howard said. “The interface is already on your wrist [with the Pip-Boy], you can pull it up and switch around, playing with the weapons. It’s exciting for us where even though we’ve lived in the game, to step it into VR it becomes real on another level.”

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    Although not announced at the time of the reveal, Bethesda’s official blog says that the company plans to release Fallout 4 VR within the next 12 months, setting an upper limit on the release date of June 2017.

    The price for Fallout 4 VR is still unannounced, and it isn’t clear if it will be sold as an entirely separate game or as functionality built into the PC version of the game (perhaps through paid DLC). Also still unclear is whether or not Fallout 4 VR will technically support the Oculus Rift; given that the game is being built for the HTC Vive, it’s almost certainly being built with the OpenVR SDK which also supports the Oculus Rift through SteamVR. We’ll be seeking clarity on these questions at E3 this week.

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