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    One thing you can count on every October, aside from a bunch of big game releases, are developers releasing Halloween-themed updates and events. Halloween is still weeks away, and already we've seen a number of such announcements, and some of these events are already underway.

    With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that's happening. Given that many of these events, such as Overwatch's Halloween Terror, provide you with a limited amount of time to obtain items you can use year-round, you'll want to stay on top of how and when you can expand your collection. We've compiled a list of many of the Halloween-themed events happening in games this month, and we'll continue to update this as more are announced. Check everything out below, and let us know what you'll be playing (as well as any we missed) in the comments.

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


    Activision will host a monthlong event in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare called Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream that features several different components. Each week, players will be able to pick up a free Halloween Supply Drop by logging in, as well as a Halloween-themed cosmetic item on each Friday. Halloween gear and loot, such as a zombie-themed Rig skin, will also be up for grabs.

    Additionally, Gesture Warfare mode--where you take out opponents by doing things like pinching your fingers--returns for a limited time. Carnage, one of the maps in the Retribution DLC, will be free to all players from October 12 until November 1 in a special playlist that runs only that map and offers double XP. Finally, Boss Battle will allow DLC owners to tackle a different Zombie episode's final fight each week.

    Heroes of the Storm


    Heroes of the Storm once again sees its Hallow's End event, which kicks off this month. However, this marks the first Halloween since Blizzard launched HotS' new Loot Chest system, which means things work a bit differently than in the past. Like in Overwatch, event-specific chests will replace the standard ones during the event. You'll earn one with every level up, and at least one of the four rewards inside is guaranteed to be a Hallow's End item, which includes skins, mounts, sprays, and portraits. Weekly Brawl rewards after October 20 will take the form of a Hallow's End chest, and these can also be purchased using gems.

    Also during the event, you can make progress toward quests that will net you a special spray (by playing two games), banner (eight games), and portrait (15 games). However, Custom Games, Training matches, and Brawls don't count toward these totals.



    For its second October, Blizzard has brought back Overwatch's Halloween Terror event. It replaces the standard Loot Box with an event-specific one, which contains a variety of Halloween-themed cosmetic items. These include both those from last year and more than 50 new ones, such as Legendary skins for Ana, Symmetra, Zenyatta, and McCree. Last year's Junkenstein's Revenge event also returns as a special Brawl mode--this is a Horde-style co-op game type where a team of four takes on waves of AI-controlled enemies. New to this year's version is an endless variant, where you can compete on leaderboards by seeing how many waves you can successfully make it through.



    As part of the Shadow's Eve event, Paragon players will be able to get their hands on limited-edition chests. These contain regular items and Shadow's Eve-specific rewards, including skins and banners. Narbash, Wukong, and Yin have received new skins for the event, and each week will offer up a selection of different skins from last year. (These skins and banners are only available during the event.) A special Mega Bundle that includes all of this will be sold from October 24 - November 11; you'll receive a discount if you've already gotten your hands on any of the contents.

    Pokemon Go


    Niantic's specific plans for the Halloween celebration in Pokemon Go have not yet been revealed, but we do know an event of some sort is coming. The Pokemon Company has teased that "plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later this October." We'll report back once more details are shared.

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    The newest patch for Smite brings back the Halloween makeover for Arena mode's map and the Scary Potion. The latter messes around with players--last year's version, for instance, would occasionally play a Loki sound effect that made you think you were about to be backstabbed. Additionally, a Halloween chest is for sale that includes things like spooky and themed skins (Trick or Treat Cupid and Grim Reaper Thanatos). Through the Odyssey, there are new Halloween skins you can buy directly, such as Mummified Izanami and Yurei Susano.

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    World of Warcraft


    Blizzard hasn't yet revealed its full Halloween plans for World of Warcraft, but we do know that Hallow's End will return. The event "celebrates the break of the Forsaken from the Scourge," Blizzard says. "Fun and mischief reign as the Innkeepers of Azeroth give treats, and tricks, to whomever asks."

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