AMD Announces Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 Graphics Cards

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    From Gamespot

    AMD has announced the Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 at E3 2016. Both graphics cards will join the recently announced RX 480 as part of the company’s new Polaris family. Polaris is AMD’s newest GPU micro-architecture, which is based on the 14nm FinFet production process.

    Pictured above: The Radeon RX 480
    While AMD has yet to reveal prices for either card, the company stated that both GPUs would be VR-capable. Whereas the RX 480 is tailor-made for 1440p gaming, AMD says the RX 470 will focus on delivering a “refined, power-efficient HD gaming” experience, and that the RX 460 will offer a “cool and efficient solution for the ultimate e-sports gaming experience.” Considering the 4GB version of the RX 480 will start out at $200, it’s safe to assume that these two other cards will launch at lower price points.

    AMD also stated that the chips are extremely thin, offering a very low Z-height, and will fit into thin and light gaming notebooks. The entire new RX line will also support a wide variety of features that include DX12, Vulkan, HDR, HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.3/1.4, and H.265 encoding/decoding.

    While we don’t know when the RX 470 and RX 460 will release. The RX 480 is scheduled to launch on June 29. AMD is claiming that card outperforms $500 graphics cards in VR. You can expect us to test the company's claims in our review of the RX 480 in the near future.

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