Grab PS4 VR, Camera, And 3 Games For Cheap Right Now

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    From Gamespot

    Although PlayStation VR has generally been the cheapest VR headset, its normal price still isn't cheap. At $400 for the headset alone (you also need a camera and motion controllers), it'll still set you back quite a bit. Right now, though, you can pick up a bundle of the headset, camera, and three PSVR games for just $300.

    This is one of the better deals we've seen yet. The camera usually sells for $60, so even just between the headset and the camera, this bundle saves you $160. On top of that, you also get Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, RIGS, and PlayStation VR Worlds.


    The bundle is available at Amazon right now with the code PSVRGAMES. Add the headset and camera bundle to your cart, enter the code, and the discount is applied at checkout. Amazon will then email you codes for the three games after you buy the bundle.

    To use the headset, you'll also need a PS4, and many games also support PS Move controllers. The controllers can be found on Amazon for around $40 a piece.

    [Found by Twitter user Wario64]

    More info at the link

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