HTC Will Install Your Vive For $250, Now in Select U.S. Cities

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    Are you the sort of person that has a hard time installing surround sound stereo equipment, or building IKEA shelves? Well, HTC is now offering customers a premium installation service to take the hassle out of setting up the Vive, a process that can be intimidating for the uninitiated.

    The company’s ‘Vive Specialists’ are trained to take care of the entire installation process, which includes finding the best setup for the chosen room, mounting the Lighthouse base stations, connecting (and neatly organizing) all the cables, and installing the required software on your home computer.


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    The premium service is decidedly aimed at the ‘time is money’ crowd, and tops out at the not-so-nice price of $250—but could equally benefit the differently-abled, or anyone who has serious issues reading manuals (me included). Like most in-home installation services, it comes with a limited 30-day workmanship warranty, and not to mention the ear of a trained professional at your beck and call to answer all of your questions that the Internet would despise you for asking.

    Cities include, but aren’t limited to: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. Check your zip code on the Vive Specialist Setup website to see local availability.

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