New EVE: Valkyrie Mode ‘Carrier Assault’ Arrives June 20th for Free

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    CCP Games have announced that the first free update for their multiplayer online space shooter EVE:Valkyrie will arrive on June 20th, along with a handful of other tweaks and features.

    One of the earliest studio titles to be built from the ground up for VR, CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie is evolving. Having been released alongside (and given free with) the Oculus Rift in March, the online multiplayer space combat game is getting its first major update.

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    Arriving on June 20th, Carrier Assault is a new objective-based game mode that finally makes those huge, previously off-limits carrier ships available to target. You and your team assault a large capital ship battle carrier protected by the enemy. Attacking the opponent’s carrier is no easy feat though, as it’s covered in ‘cooling nodes’ and a number of defense systems like mounted turrets. The shields only come down if you knock out all the nodes, allowing you a window of opportunity to get as many objectives as possible, and fight off players and carrier defences (as you can see in the trailer embedded at the stop of this page).

    In a short blog post, CCP Games also alludes to a handful of other fixed, features and enhancements on the way with the June 20th update, details of which are not provided. Either way, we’re looking forward to a little VR trench-running and to see how the new game mode pans out once released.

    EVE:Valkyrie was released for Oculus Rift in March and is on its way to the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets.

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