Oculus Rift mini review and pics ;)

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    My Rift arrived late Tuesday and I've had about 4 hours of use with it so far.

    Packaging is top notch. I see no problem using the original packaging for storage and also transport.

    Installation and setup went without a problem except for the tab on the remote I spoke about here. Lucky's Tail and DreamDeck are the only 2 games I have tried so far on Oculus home. Lucky's Tail is a fun plat-former but DreamDeck is where I spent most of my time. DreamDeck is only 10 short videos less than a minute in length each but they are super immersive. I now understand what they mean by presence. The immersion is just incredible.

    I also tried out SteamVR. To do this you must 1st Allow Unknown Sources then setup Steam to work with the Oculus Rift. Road to VR has a great article at this LINK. Project CARS was the only game I tried and it looked great. VR really brings racing sims to a whole new level.

    I had no problem with fit and comfort. Tracking works great as long as your using compatible USB 3.0 ports. With a single camera it had no problem track my movements while walking around. Once Touch arrives with the 2nd camera Room Scale tracking should be no problem. I did have the cable come loose at the headset once but it was an easy fix. SDE (screen-door effect) was not a problem. After reading about the SDE and being able to see pixels I kept my expectations in check and was rather impressed by how good the screen was.

    I will keep updating this thread as I try new things. I'm really excited to see what the future holds for VR. I'm already super impressed and its only going to get better.:D

    DSC_5034.JPG DSC_5035.JPG DSC_5036.JPG DSC_5037.JPG

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