Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle Gets Permanent Price Cut to $400

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    Following their highly successful Summer of Rift Sale, Oculus have announced a permanent price cut of the Rift headset and Touch controller package to $399. The new price was revealed by Hugo Barra, Oculus’ Vice President of Virtual Reality at the opening keynote to Oculus Connect 4.

    Detailed on the official Oculus Blog, the $399 package still includes the same hardware bundle of headset, two sensors, two Touch controllers, and “six free apps” – although there are actually several more free apps available on the Store.

    This aggressive pricing strategy means that the Rift and Touch remains considerably cheaper than the HTC Vive – the main competing high-end PC VR solution – which also received a permanent price cut to $599. Oculus is keen to bring the costs of VR entry down, also announcing Oculus Go – their first standalone VR headset launching early next year for $199.

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