Oculus Rift Toybox demo

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    Wired also has an article on the subject.

    Oculus developed this demo, called Toybox, as a way of testing its Touch Controllers and experimenting with the many ways people might interact in virtual worlds. How do people hand each other objects? Can they high-five? Can you play a game together, or against each other? How does all that work? More important, how does it feel? It’s not so much a game as just a space, a room full of objects you’re meant to fiddle with. My new friend appeared in Toybox as a disembodied, glowing head with a Rift over its eyes, but I could hear her speak and see her move. Together we built and moved a tower of blocks, fired slingshots, and played ping-pong. At one point she held a firecracker, and asked me to light it. I looked down to my left, picked up a lighter with a press of the trigger underneath my left middle finger, and lit it with a super-cool smoker-guy flick of the wrist. Then I reached out and lit the firecracker in her hand. It promptly exploded in our faces.

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