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    The Sekonride is a powersport vehicle simulator designed to be paired with a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. With it, you will be able to ride your favourite snowmobile, ATV, trike, or PWC anytime, anywhere (real or not) with all of your friends—without polluting, eroding soil, making noise, or even leaving home.

    How it works

    To conceptualize the images of the Sekonride, Jan Bujnak designed a neutral type of machine, but buyers might prefer a specific vehicle configuration/ergonomy (Snowmobile, Personal watercraft, ATV, Trike, etc.), and the simulator could be easily built from existing powersport parts.

    Four actuators on the vehicle would simulate the up and down movement and leaning. I would approach D-BOX technologies to develop this sub assembly because they already make all sorts of flight, defense, and automotive simulators. They have all the necessary expertise to integrate actuators, and they have a supplier network in place.

    To test the Sekonride in different worlds, I would approach companies like UBISOFT andValve software who are major players in the gaming industry, as well as Linden Labs, who is currently building virtual worlds. These content creators could integrate the Sekonride simulators in their games so each time you ride a straddle-type machine in them you would be able to use your simulator.

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