Ubisoft’s Star Trek VR Game will Let 4 Friends Command a Starship, Leak Suggests

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    In what could be dream VR title for many out there, a leaked article from DigitalSpy have revealed details of an upcoming virtual reality Star Trek title that lets 4 players command the bridge of a starship.

    Given the crossover of certain demographics in our readership, it’s probably fair to say that there’s like a high proportion of Star Trek fans reading this right now. If so, this latest news will really stir your dilithium crystals.

    In leaked information apparently sourced from DigitalSpy, images and details of a new Ubisoft published, Red Storm developed, official virtual reality Star Trek game, based on the universe of the original series, is on its way. According to information and images posted on Reddit, the new title – dubbed ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew‘ – has you enter VR and assume one of four key roles of a starship crew.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The new game appears to be built not only for virtual reality, but for online co-op too, with up to four players taking their seat on the bridge of a new starship, the USS Aegis. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is set in a post JJ Abrams ‘rebooted’ universe, with the timeline apparently following on from the first movie in the new franchise – released in 2009.

    The game is apparently mission based, requiring you and your virtual crew mates to pull together to progress. “The Bridge Crew experience is highly social. That’s the type of VR we’ve been exploring at Red Storm – social VR,” explained David Votypka, Senior Creative Director at Red Storm. “Like with Werewolves Within, we really take the tech and apply it to this brand. The social element is already in the DNA of the Star Trek brand.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The game has apparently been previewed by some familiar names from the world of Star Trek already, with reactions perhaps predictably positive. “I have to say, this was an extraordinary experience. It’s one thing to be on set and imagine a scenario like this, but it’s an entirely different beast when you are actually in this game and your adversaries are fully-3D rendered right [in front of you],” said Karl Urban after playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

    One thing to re-emphasise, the above information and accompanying images were sourced from an unofficial source, in turn sourced from an alleged leak. However, with E3 imminent, and with Ubisoft rumoured to be showing off 2 new VR titles at the show, it would make sense to see Star Trek: Bridge Crew in playable form. It’s not yet clear which platform the game is in development for, but it sounds as if it may have been cleverly designed (i.e. seated play style) to suite both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


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